Use of academic research

I am going to post the beginning of my research into what methods used in risk management and decision making for cyber security have actually been proven to work. Industry standards organizations and every consulting firm I have encountered thus far provides a framework and methodology but plans on you to be the guinea pig […]

Foundational research

At Utica College our graduate studies concluded with a Capstone research assignment into an area of our choosing. My objective changed many times as I performed my literature review. It turns out that most research databases do not conveniently stamp older research with “Points in this paper have been largely disputed and effectively proven false, see arguments […]


I would like to use the blog approach to begin generating tools that make information security decision making accurate. There is very little evidence of scientific method usage in information security decision making, including cyber security. Security is a black hole for resources and we are pouring money and potential talent into it. We waste money on […]