Foundational research

At Utica College our graduate studies concluded with a Capstone research assignment into an area of our choosing. My objective changed many times as I performed my literature review. It turns out that most research databases do not conveniently stamp older research with “Points in this paper have been largely disputed and effectively proven false, see arguments and rebuttals here, here, and here.” We must do so manually while the academic community continues to use antiquated technology and survives off of barely livable wage. A moment of silence for academics. . .

What I ended up with was this. But the intended audience of this blog is not academics who fancy taking the risk of reading 64 pages of what may not only be a waste of their time but may even convince them of ideas that are wholly false, resulting in the corruption of their sound decision making processes, thus sending their life into a sub-optimal decision making induced ruin and run-on sentences. As such, I’ve decided to bloggify my research. I will gut out the content from it’s rigid and antiquated academic structure and process into my likely poor first attempt at the fuzzy standard of blog writing.


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